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3 Unique Mind-Body Techniques for Optimal Health and Happiness

Most of us think of our bodies and minds as separate entities that function independent of each other. However, your body and mind are intimately connected, and your thoughts, words and stress levels play a

How to Safely and Naturally Correct the Most Common Hormone Deficiencies

Hormonal balance is vital to a healthy, cancer-free body and mind, but most adults past 30 have at least one hormone deficiency. Allopathic doctors typically prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for hormone imbalances.

The Secret to Reversing Aging, and Restoring Youthful Vitality

Growth factors are naturally occurring substances that have a powerful ability to stimulate healing, to hydrate the cells, to restore optimal health, and to reverse many of the outward and inward signs of

Everything You need to Know About the Top 6 Hair Restoration Tools

Hairloss is an outward sign of aging that many people wrongfully assume is unavoidable. A receding hairline can cause a person to look less healthy, make one’s facial features appear much older, and

How to Turbo Charge Your Immunity and Prevent HPV and Cancer

HPV (human papillomavirus) is on the rise and many are naturally wondering why? Mainstream dogma recommends the same old big pharma fantasies; however, media-promoted vaccines are not the solution they are made out

4 Powerful Nutrients to Help You Live Past 100

Less than 0.02% of Americans live past 100 and if you want to become a member of the very exclusive centenarian club then you need to start working towards it today! Consuming a

5 Shocking Facts About Vaccines That Big Pharma Pays Billions to Keep Concealed

Ask most any natural health specialist and they’ll tell you that the safety of vaccinations is highly questionable. Unfortunately, most of the general public is unaware of the dangers of vaccines because big

How to Treat the Top 3 Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Men Past 50 and Obtain Sexual Virility

Many men aged 50 and beyond notice a progressive reduction in their libido and sexual function. Approximately 33% of men over the age of 50 suffer with erectile dysfunction, and many of the

How to Boost HGH and Regain Health and Youthful Vitality

You may not be able to prevent aging but you can slow down the signs and symptoms dramatically with the master rejuvenation hormone - HGH. Before explaining further, it’s important to first understand

5 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Sex Life

A satisfying sex life produces a myriad of health benefits, and it’s a major determining factor in the connectivity, overall happiness, and longevity of your relationship. No matter how good your sex life

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