How to Boost Health, Heal Injuries and Slow Aging with Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is a molecule that sends signals throughout your entire body, helping your 50 trillion cells communicate with each other. Nitric oxide levels typically start to decline in your mid-to-late 20s, and continue to decline by approximately 10%-12% per decade. This reduction can cause a range of negative health effects including: reduced memory, lower immunity, increased inflammation levels, sleeping issues, and lower strength and endurance, to name a few.

The Top Two Groundbreaking Research Fields That Will Make Aging Obsolete

Aging and death are two certainties in life that humans have shared since the beginning of time. But hard as it may be to believe, death caused by aging may become obsolete within the next 20 years, thanks to a synergy between two ground-breaking age reversal research fields. The first thing that this news may bring to mind is “Oh boy, we are going to keep people alive in nursing homes forever and ever,” or, “I don’t want to continue living when I’m old, frail and sick!” But that is not the projected outcome.

Nathan Pritikin- Pritikin Health Program

Nathan Pritikin was like a father to me. My biological father was a loving man, but he owned a bar called “Nick’s Place,” and was usually drunk, or just wasn’t around. Nathan was a guiding light to me on my journey of learning about health & wellness.

Follow This Diet If You Want to Reverse Aging and Prevent Disease

Processed foods make up an astounding 70% of the American diet. It’s no surprise when you consider how cheap and insanely accessible processed, packaged and fast foods are. And the fact that we’re constantly bombarded with billboards, commercials and other ads encouraging us to consume these toxic foods, makes them practically impossible to avoid. No wonder America is one of the fattest nations in the world and the majority of American’s (38%) are actually considered clinically obese! It’s both scary and ironic that if you’re in the normal weight range, you’re actually in the minority. Equally appalling is that fact that American’s spend more money on healthcare than any other country in the world and yet we have the highest disease rate. And almost all of the diseases we suffer from are caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD). We are literally eating ourselves to death!

Americas Only Olympic Weightlifter Eats Vegan: Why You Should Too!

There’s a common myth that you need to eat meat in order to build strength and stamina but 30-year-old, vegan Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris proves that wrong! Standing at just 5’6”, Kendrick weighs 187 lbs – most of which is solid muscle. Since switching to a vegan diet in September 2014, Kendrick has increased his muscle mass, moved up a weight class, and attained a body fat percentage of just 6.5%.

Caring for Aging Parents

Recently, I was very touched and moved by a sincere letter written by Dr. Nick Delgado about how he turned his Dad around and made the final days of his Dad’s life a pleasure for himself, for his Dad and for the rest of the family. This was particularly poignant to me as I have had two similar voyages with my Dad, victim of congestive heart failure at 88, and with my late husband a fitness icon cut down too young by a stroke. Dr. Delgado and many colleagues have studied and have found solutions for many many aging adults to minimize or relieve entirely the debilitating effects of aging, weakness, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, lack of sexual energy, inability to perform and others. More importantly for those of us who fill the role as primary caregiver is to maintain cognitive function.

(Video) Age Reversal with David Kekich and Dr. Nick Delgado

Since the late 90’s, David Kekich has been at the forefront of extreme life extension research and finding the code to cure aging, even reversing the aging process as we know it. Thanks to David Kekich, his team of experts and doctors like Dr. Nick Delgado, the seniors of today, who were the Boomers a few years ago, may be a part of the first generation of adults who do NOT die of old age diseases. In fact, David Kekich has just published a book, “Smart, Strong, and Healthy at 100.” These are carefully researched facts; not science fiction.

H2: The Ground-breaking, All Natural Therapy to Keep You Youthful, Fit, and Disease-Free

Hydrogen is a colorless gas and it is the most abundant element on earth, making up a whopping 75% of the mass of the entire Universe. Molecular hydrogen, or H2, is the smallest element and lightest molecule known to man. At this point, you may be wondering what any of this has to do with you, and your health; and the answer is A LOT. There are currently hundreds of studies that have been published confirming the use of H2 therapy as a beneficial treatment for halting the aging process, increasing energy, boosting immunity, and both helping to prevent and to treat numerous diseases. And the best part of all is that H2 therapy is safe, cheap, simple and side-effect free.

(Video) Top 2 Female Sexual Complaints and How to Easily Reverse Them

Most people have sex because it feels good and/or they are trying to procreate. But the benefits of sexual intercourse don’t stop there. Studies have found that sex helps to boost the immune system, enhance sleep, ease stress, lower blood pressure, reduce heart attack risk, and improve bladder control. Unfortunately, between 43 and 63 percent of American women report ongoing problems with their sexuality. The two most common complaints are:

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women: The Health, Vitality and Longevity Creator

As women age hormone levels naturally decline and estrogen, prolactin and human growth hormone usually decrease significantly. Declining hormone levels are responsible for many menopausal symptoms and a slew of other symptoms commonly associated with aging, such as memory loss, irritability, fatigue, night sweats, loss of libido, reduced vaginal lubrication, bone density loss, reduction of skin elasticity, increased risk for cardiovascular disease, and urinary dysfunction. Fortunately, these symptoms can be prevented and/or reversed with the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

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