Cooked VS. Raw- How to Slow and Reverse the Aging Process

Raw Eats

Most raw-food lovers of the world will tell you one thing is for certain, cooking your raw foods destroys enzymes which aids digestion. This prevents your body from retaining the necessary nutrients that raw food has. Cooking your raw food can cause A.G.E. (advanced glycation end) products to develop. This horrible compound has been linked to aging! When you cook foods at high temperatures, whether you’re grilling, boiling, frying, roasting, steaming, etc. A.G.E. compounds can come from some raw foods, mainly dairy and meats, but A.G.E. is mostly produced when you cook food in dry heat for long periods of time.

What’s So Bad About A.G.E.’s?

A.G.E.’S have been known to cause blood vessel damage, as well as coronary artery disease and stroke. The A.G.E. compound is formed naturally in the body when fats and proteins bind with sugars. The human body is able to rid itself of these harmful glycations but when too many are ingested this can cause damage to the cells which makes the body more susceptible to chronic illnesses. A.G.E.’s can be found in pre-packaged and processed foods, but mainly derive from cooking food at extreme temperatures.

Find a Healthy Balance

Going completely raw with your food is not such a great idea either. Foods like tomatoes and mushrooms are actually better for you when cooked, as the heat breaks down the cell walls of the plant, and releases important nutrients like lycopenes, and polysaccharides. Find a happy medium between cooking your food at a healthy rate, and getting your daily intake of natural raw fruits and vegetables.

Slow Down and Reverse Aging

Incorporating more raw foods into your diet can help aid the aging process. Also, keep in mind that cooking your food on occasion is not always bad, as some foods release more nutrients in a heated state which can provide you with anti-aging properties. Getting your recommended daily vegetable intake (5-13 servings) can help with aging as well, however, some find it difficult to reach this goal. An easy way to get the proper amount of nutrients into your body would be through supplementation. Natural products like our H2 Hydrogen Tablets, and new Beet Vitality powder, that are rich in plant nitrates and pure molecular hydrogen, can further slow and reverse aging byproducts of oxidative stress and glycation.



Article by: Jade Whelchel