Nathan Pritikin- The Pritikin Health Program

Nathan Pritikin was like a father to me. My biological father was a loving man, but he owned a bar called “Nick’s Place,” and was usually drunk, or just wasn’t around. Nathan was a guiding light to me on my journey of learning about health & wellness.

Pritikin was a brilliant, scientific genius who reviewed medical journals by the thousands with his team of health educators, the Loma Linda Health Science graduates. He would meet with and call me every night to answer my questions and review progress, so that we could build the “Pritikin Better Health Program.”

Nathan would refer to me in front of large crowds saying “Nick Delgado is meat-free, dairy-free and oil-free, and he’s clearly building muscle and strength. Go ask him about why we don’t need meat and fish to build a healthy body.”

Nathan was incredibly “present” when he stood alongside me, counseling his hundreds of “live in patients” every month for 5 years, sharing with his clients what they must continue to do about improving their blood work (lipids, kidney, liver enzyme, Hemoglobin) to reverse diabetes, Prostate, Breast cancer and heart disease while following the Pritikin plan.

Congressman McGovern and thousands of participants loved Nathan Pritikin because he was sincere, honest and could not be bought out by special interest groups and lobbyists. I watched Nathan debate Atkins and dismantle the Food & Dairy & meat industry with sharp sarcasm and humor.

Nathan knew far more than any medical doctor I have ever meet. He would decipher complex medical journal findings, even though he was not a medical doctor, and could clearly explain the implications to his everyday people and professional audiences.

This was the forerunner to the “Delgado Protocol,” the early version of today’s medical accepted lifestyle medicine – like Dean Ornish, Jeffrey Bland, Joel Furhman and John McDougall teach now.

It has been my fortune to work closely with four legendary figures in my lifetime career of Anti-Aging and immortality.

1. Nathan Pritikin, my second father and mentor.

2. Dragan Radivich (undefeated world strength endurance champion), who motivated me to train everyday to be a world champion in curl and press international competition.

3. Tony Robbins (now a multi-billionaire) world famous motivational speaker who asked me to evaluate, critique and improve the “Life Mastery” plan that includes phase contrast microscopy, and lipid with glucose & carotid artery scans, to personalize the diet and supplements for all of Tony Robbins participants.

4. Anti-Aging hormonal expert Thierry Hertoghe.

I’m thankful for all that Nathan Pritikin and others have taught me, so that now I can pass that knowledge onto you.

Nick Delgado