If you’re not already giving your women frequent sensual massages, then it is time to start. A sensual massage is one of the best ways to satisfy your partner on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. It helps to create a deeper sense of intimacy and connectivity between you two, it’s a great way to dissolve any animosities leftover from an argument or fight, it activates her libido, and it almost always leads to amazing sex.

The Benefits

Moving into that sense of touch is so important because it activates essential hormones, the most important of which is oxytocin. Oxytocin plays a key role in bonding, intimacy, and attachment and it is considered the ultimate love hormone. It is also referred to as the “cuddle hormone” because touching and cuddling is one of the best ways to release it. Oxytocin enhances relaxation and increases dopamine levels (which enhances receptivity to pleasure). It also increases desire and decreases the threshold for arousal and orgasm; and it helps to make orgasms more intense, and multiple orgasms easier to achieve. Perhaps best of all, when you help your woman release oxytocin through a sensual massage, it puts her in a more free, sensual, and sexual state of mind, which means better sex for both of you.

Step #1: Set the Mood

Create the perfect environment by lowering the lights and using candles and/or red-light bulbs to create the optimum ambience. Make sure the temperature is ideal, so she won’t get cold or uncomfortably hot, and eliminate any odors by opening a window for a few hours (if weather permits) or using an essential oil infuser. Choose music that will make you both feel relaxed, yet sensual and sexy, and set the volume high enough that you can hear it but low enough that it isn’t a distraction. Tidy the room and remove any potential distractions (beeping electronics etc.). Then tend to your personal hygiene. Take a good shower, because a massage enhances all the senses and body odor will distract from your partners ability to fully relax. Finally, turn off the phone, put some extra towels by the bed (to place underneath her and to wipe excess oil off your hands), and warm up some massage oil (e.g. almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil etc.).

#2 Slowly Explore Her Entire Body

A sensual massage should never be rushed and should last a bare minimum of 40 minutes. It should also include the entire body. Start with her hands, using your palm to apply long smooth strokes to the front and back of her hands. Gaze into her eyes and maintain extended eye contact while doing this, to help create a sense of loving connectivity. Then work down from the tips of the fingers to the wrists, and back up to the fingers. Gently pull on each finger, and then use your thumbs to release tension in her palms. After massaging her hands, have her lie on her stomach (if she isn’t already doing so) and begin to massage her feet. Use your thumbs to apply pressure to all parts of her foot and gently massage and then pull on each and every toe. When you are done with her feet, very slowly, work your way up her entire body concentrating on one spot at a time, and include her calves, hamstrings, buttocks, lower back, upper back, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and ears.

#3 Vary the Techniques

If you just use your fingers and/or repeat the same motion continuously, your hand muscles will get tired and she will get bored. Try using the palms of your hands, to apply the compression technique, which simply involves pressing down on one spot to loosen the muscles in that area. You can also place one hand on top of the other and rotate in slow, circular motions. Another great technique is the stroking technique where your entire hands are in contact with her body and you glide them up and down in long, gentle strokes. If you feel knots while exploring her body, you can use your fingers to place pressure on the knot and use circular motions to help loosen them. You can also try the kneading technique to loosen knots and release tight muscles. This technique involves pressing the palms on the chosen body part, and then rolling to the base and then tips of your fingers against her in an upward motion, similar to kneading bread. Use different levels of pressure, friction and intensity throughout the massage; avoid any techniques that tickle her or cause her pain; and try to find and maintain a rhythm.

#4 Enter a Meditative State

Energy may not be seen by most, but it is certainly felt and if you give your partner a massage while stressed or in a negative state of mind, it will detour from her ability to fully relax. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths before even beginning the massage, and imagine your heart opening and expanding. Stay relaxed throughout the massage by breathing slowly and deeply. If you find yourself getting distracted with thoughts, try closing your eyes and tuning into your breath and her breath, breathing in tandem, as you continue to massage her. Focus on the feeling of her skin, the movement of her body as she inhales and exhales, and on the pleasure of providing her whole body with bliss. Tune into her responses (sighs, moving her body towards or away from you etc.), and adjust what you are doing accordingly. Finally, avoid being to mechanical or overthinking things — you really can’t mess-up a massage that is given with love.

#5 Use Your Words Wisely

It is important not to talk too much during a massage because stretches of silence help her to become fully relaxed and in-tune with her body. That being said, well-chosen words, whispered softly, can dramatically enhance her whole experience. Some women find it hard to just sit back and let someone else give them pleasure or find it difficult to fully surrender because of body insecurities. Put her mind at ease by telling her how much you love exploring her entire body. Tell her how beautiful her body is, how soft her skin is, how sexy her butt is, or how luscious her curves are. If you want to make the massage extra sexy, whisper a sensual story in her ear in the middle of the massage. Women are turned on by auditory signals, and a sensual story will stimulate many different neurotransmitters in her brain and hormones in her body, which will spark her desire. Waiting until the middle of the massage is recommended because she will be fully relaxed and receptive at that point. The story will spark her arousal and during the rest of the massage a lusty sense of anticipation will progressively build. Follow the above five steps and by the end of the massage, she will be exploding with lust and desire.

*We work with doctors who can prescribe oxytocin. 50 Units dissolved under the tongue, 30 minutes prior to sex, can help a woman to more easily reach orgasm and a man to be more loving, relaxed, receptive and connected. For more information send us an email at: info@NickDelgado.com